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Mother/Daughter Self-defense Seminars

Ladies Self-defense/Safety and Empowerment Seminar. Ladies bring your friends, daughters, anyone over thirteen years old to our Seminar. We will be showing you simple ways to keep yourselves safe and you will feel empowered to do so. Many people wait until something happens, then look into learning how to defend themselves. If you wait it could be too late. The best gift you can give someone is to give them the skills to defend themselves and to learn those skills yourself, so you can be safe as well.

Survival Skills 101 Give your kids the skills and coping strategies to protect themselves in this world: stranger danger, self-esteem, discipline, respect, anti-bullying.  Parents get tips on how to protect your child and help them have self-esteem, respect for themselves and for others.

Girl Power Camps

 Does she believe she is good enough, strong enough, smart enough, pretty enough?Teach her that her only limitations are how big she can dream. Give her wings to fly.

Through discussion groups and hands on activities, our program increases self-esteem and promotes healthy body image. A fun, educational 2-hour camp, teaches girls how to be happy with themselves, set goals and to have personal power. Parent Participation encouraged/ mother/daughter program.

Leadership Seminars

This Seminar teaches students how to effectively present yourself and to be able to lead and
teach others. The program starts out with becoming comfortable with yourself and being front of others. Participants will do a variety of activities to become comfortable speaking and doing things in front of others. This will be followed up by being able to go in front of the group and actually lead exercises and learning.

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