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The Power of Five

We believe that any difficult thing you face in life can be overcome if you take it piece by piece, step by step. We try to teach this to our students, leading by example in our own lives and by what we teach in class. We do cardio to get in shape but we also practice a concept we call the Power of Five, to teach our students about breaking things down. We use this to show that practice makes habit and habit makes for success.

After cardio we have the students do the fundamental basic exercises and skills breaking them down to do them with technique and effort, just five good ones. The best that they can do. We encourage them to do them at home as well, as often at they can. Once they master the techniques and they can show us they can do the exercise and skills with proficiency, we celebrate their effort and success with a big high five. Then we ask them to work on giving us just five more and the process starts all over again.

This process can be applied to anything; is your child having trouble with reading, work on the basics and break it down, just five minutes of reading, several times a day will turn a student into a proficient reader. Obviously the time frame and amount doesn't have to be five and it really can be applied to major things in your life; maybe it means facing cancer one day at a time or one appointment at a time. The lesson that is learned is that nothing is insurmountable when you take it step by step, apply discipline, effort and a can do attitude.

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