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Special Abilites Program


At Phoenix Martial Arts, we embrace students of all abilities, and our classes are designed to accommodate individual needs. Our focus is on guiding each student toward achieving their goals and enhancing essential life skills. Whether the objective is managing and controlling anger, improving socialization, enhancing hand-eye coordination, or boosting physical fitness, we collaborate closely with coordinators, parents, and educators. We proudly participate in the CLTS Waiver Program, working together as a dedicated team to create a supportive environment that facilitates the student's overall improvement.


Our training tools, curriculum and class setup are meticulously crafted to cater to kids' specific skill development. For instance, the use of nunchucks not only teaches the children how to wield them but also enhances focus and body control. Additionally, our unique approach to board breaks encourages a supportive environment where kids cheer each other on, fostering socialization, teamwork, and a boost in self-esteem. Participating in seminars, performances, events, and tournaments further contributes to the enhancement of self-esteem, providing our students with valuable experiences and opportunities for growth.

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