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Martial Arts Class

Family Martial Arts training for all ages and abilities


See the impact martial arts can have on your child's life


Our Mission

Creating Champions at Life

At Phoenix Martial Arts we're not just teaching kicks and punches – we're on a mission to shape champions at life. As a family-run martial arts school, we know firsthand the transformative power of martial arts. It's not just a sport for us; it's a way of life that has left a lasting impact on our own lives.


Our main focus is on developing life skills that extend far beyond the classroom. From the gym to the challenges of everyday life, we're dedicated to instilling discipline, building confidence, and fostering respect in each student. It's a personal journey for us because we've seen how these skills can redefine success.


Beyond the kicks and strikes, we're passionate about teaching personal safety and physical fitness, equipping our students for whatever life throws their way and enabling them to rise above any challenge.

Join our Phoenix Martial Arts family today to see the lasting impact of martial arts in your own family.  

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Our Programs

Beginners Martial Arts Class
Family Martial Arts
5+ years old 
family-friendly class that teaches life skills through martial arts in a supportive environment.

Family Martial


Martial Arts Class
Martial Arts Class

Phoenix Martial Arts works hand in hand with CLTS coordinators and parents to give children of all abilities the benefits of martial arts.

Kick boxing punching
Kick boxing punching

15+ years old
Experience a fun and effective workout while learning practical striking and self defense



CLTS Waiver Program


Hear it for

"This family run business isn't there to just teach you karate moves and defense mechanisms it's also to teach you what a family truly is."

Corky R. 

Judo Practice at Home
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